Kumuthiny Boat Massacre

The “Kumuthini” boat service was an essential transportation method used by the people of Deft Island.  The boat service was used to ferry people from Deft Island to Jaffna, who would use the service to obtain essential services and items.  On May 15th 1985, approximately 72 Tamils were using the “Kumuthini” boat service to travel to Jaffna.  Sri Lankan navy officers, who came on two navy boats, boarded the “Kumuthini” and proceeded to hacking the Tamils to death with knives and swords.  In the attack, 36 Tamil passengers were murdered, including 4 children, in cold blood and many others were injured.

Today the “Kumuthuni” massacre symbolizes yet another act of genocide perpetuated by the Sri Lankan state against the Tamil people.  "Kumuthini" also symbolizes the insecurity that the Tamil people living in the islets feel by the Sri Lankan occupation of their homeland.